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We are now providing the latest virtual meeting solutions for our Lawyers. Clients can visit your website and easily book a consultation or schedule a meeting without having to call you. This feature is integrated within your website so that your clients can easily book a . meeting. In addition, your clients can easily pay for the meetings as well via the same booking system. These features save you valuable time and help you to focus on your profession.

In addition, we are also providing the latest video-conferencing technology integrated with the booking system to conduct meetings with your clients securely.

Online Meeting From Anywhere

Now with the help of our online meeting solution, all legal professionals can continue their work and daily meetings via video conference from wherever they are. The online meeting allows your clients to schedule meetings through your website without any phone call and clients will be easily able to join meetings at your available time from anywhere in the world by using a computer or a smartphone with an active internet connection.

The power is in your hands, and you can fully customize the information(s) you need from the clients in the booking form, so you have all the information(s) handy at the time of the meeting.

You can indicate your availability on your calendar anytime so clients can book during the times when you are available. You will also get notified as soon as a client books a meeting.

Your clients can start talking with you in less than an hour – that way, your clients can discuss their legal issues with you and get a professional solution quickly and easily.


Some of the features included in the online meeting:

  • Document sharing
  • Live Chatting
  •  Meeting recording
  • Group Conference

Pay Using Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal or Stripe

Your clients can pay for your legal services directly to your bank account using our secured form of payment gateway. You can offer the most reliable and secure way of online payment gateways on your website without worrying about your client’s sensitive information related to payment.

Your clients can choose any of the following payment methods from your site and complete their transactions:

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