Why Video?

We have skilled videographers who are trained in high-quality shooting and engaging videos for law firms. We have years of video production experience and will be on-site visiting your company, setting up everything, shooting the videos over a few hours, and then editing for a finished product over the next week. Next, we upload the videos for optimum exposure onto your YouTube or Vimeo page. After this is over, we upload the videos on your website so that visitors to your website can play them instantly and promote the video on social media. We deliver many forms of video: Clear advertisement, Showcase, and Video Content Marketing.

Core Benefits of Video:

  • Interactive content: Our videos focus is on content that is exclusive and distinguishes you from your competition.
  • All-Inclusive: When we film and edit your videos, your videos are transcribed, posted, and downloaded so you don’t have to raise a finger.
  • Shoot Location: No travel arrangements required. Our videographer will come to you.
  • Mobile-Friendly: All our videos and content are mobile-friendly. They can be viewed anytime on any screen.
  • Ownership: The videos and 100 percent of the content are owned by your Law Firm.

Video for Lawyers

Learn how lawyers can use videos online to educate the public and build their practices

  • We take care of everything – A professional videographer will be visiting you on location, setting up everything, filming the video, and then editing it over the following week for a finished product. We’ll then load the videos for social networking onto YouTube or Vimeo. First, we will upload them on your website for visitors to your site to access them immediately until complete.
  • Be Different – 78 percent of law firms own a website. What will distinguish your firm, and drive clicks and calls?
    To offer a good first impression of your law firm, firm overviews can be scripted with a professional voiceover or interview-driven.
  • Higher Click Thru – found that if an attorney has a video on his or her website, the number of prospect emails increased by 127%, and the number of clicks on the contact page increased by 138%.
  • Higher rankings – It is vital to provide a lot of new, appropriate content that fits the search terms that potential clients are searching for. We found that there’s a correlation between the search rankings and websites with videos. Sites with videos tend to rank higher in the SEO ranking.
  • Landing Pages – Professional video landing pages produce 4-7 times more interaction and response rates.

Why ACE Legal Marketing?

Engage your audience with professional high-resolution videos and hold their attention. Our qualified videographer will be visiting you on-site, setting it up, filming the video for a few hours, and editing for a finished product. Next, we load the videos for social networking onto YouTube or Vimeo. Once complete, we will then upload it on your website, so that visitors can play them instantly. Our video production team has the latest tools for capturing and editing footage, and they are highly trained videographers.

Why Video Marketing Works For Law Firms

To attorneys, video marketing can sound like an unnecessary hassle. That is not so. Videos are not only a significant SEO technique, but studies show how effective a video marketing strategy can be:

  • Since 2013, businesses have moved to produce video content as a critical investment in marketing. Seventy percent of today’s advertisers claim that the videos make content more visible.
  • A study conducted by Nielsen reported in the same report that 64 percent of brands already use video content as their primary tool for online marketing. In short, videos now form an integral part of attracting online customers.
  • Google places web pages that contain videos on top of the search results. In a 2009 study, it was found that websites containing video content turns out to be on the first page of the search results. This hasn’t changed much today. Google algorithms still place a high ranking value on informative content, especially video content. And if you want to push your law firm to the first page of Google search, then a video will be an ideal option.
  • Youtube currently has more than 1bn subscribers. This controls one-third of the internet, meaning more people watch videos online than ever before. If you’d like to be seen, heard and known, then be on YouTube by all means.
  • In the latest estimate released by the Cisco Visual Networking Index, as of 2016, global internet video traffic is already up to 73 percent. In 2021, it is presumed to rise to 82 percent, which means that most online users watch videos more than other internet activities.

Videos Are Key To The Future

As mobile devices are now a significant part of people’s lives, you can reach your target customers more quickly via their phones. According to 2013 data, mobile phones accounted for 41 percent of video consumption. That percentage is expected to increase in 10 years as mobile devices become more advanced, sophisticated, and entrenched in our daily lives. If you make it easier to watch your videos on smartphones, you’ll have the power to captivate your audience.
For example, somebody watches your videos, likes your videos, and shares it. Another person could save it or even bookmark it. Either way, the video contains your details that somebody is watching or following by his/her phone. Yes, that phone is going to be used to contact you. See the relation?
Scientists at MIT have discovered that in just 13 milliseconds, the human brain reacts to the images. If you’re trying to captivate your target audience or prospective clients in the first few seconds, the pressure is on to make your video as entertaining as possible.
For law firms, video marketing isn’t just about making an ad for your practice. The videos explain complicated laws, answer common questions, promote a current issue, or provide an opportunity for your potential clients to view those who can handle their sensitive legal problem. Whatever motivates you to create a video, Ace Legal Marketing helps you reach your target audience and place your videos high on the pages of Google’s search engine.