Reasons Why Prospective Client’s are Leaving Your Law Firm Website

Reasons Why Prospective Client’s are Leaving Your Law Firm Website

Many law firms and marketing law firms often focus on growing traffic to their website. While it’s significant, another critical question is: “How many people are leaving my site and moving to the website of competitors? “If you want the chances of having potential customers on the platform to be improved, you need a website that is user-friendly and provides more information and answers to questions posed by potential clients. Clients do not just go to the first website they visited and contact the law firm. After ten years of studying website analytics in law firms, I can assure you that excellent design considerably affects conversion rates. As visitors leave the website, law firms lose leads and future cases.

What Are The Common Reasons Client’s Leave A Law Firm Website?

  • Unpleasant or obsolete design – your website design represents the identity of your law firm directly. If your concept is unpleasant or outdated, it may make you look like a law firm in the second class. If you are or not, you give your site visitors the impression. If you want prospective clients to believe you are trustworthy and reliable, your website design must reflect that.
  • Poor Content – text full of keywords can be incredibly tricky for visitors to the website to learn. Most websites of lawyers seek to do this for SEO purposes, but the keyword stuffing your Content today will penalize your site. Please don’t do it.
  • Missing information – Clients demand knowledge about you and your law firm. If you don’t give them enough details, you will lose them in most cases.
  • Difficult to read on your mobile or tablet device – If your site is not mobile-friendly or web-friendly, it is time to make that investment. Mobile apps consume over 50% of all digital media. You increase your chances of missing this opportunity if your website is difficult to read on mobile or tablet devices.
  • Irritating pop-ups – clients dislike pop-ups, don’t irritate visitors. When you use them, let your visitors close them quickly. I saw law firm websites where chat windows do not appear on a page, and it’s just a bad idea.
  • Information is difficult to find – it is very likely that your visitors won’t find it if the information is hidden or difficult to find on your web. Essential details at any point will not be more than two clicks away.
  • Low budget video – photo blurred, weak audio, bad editing …. what an awful message visitors will receive. When your videos look cheap and unprofessional, your future guests will feel the same way. In most cases, you do not have them at all on your pages.
  • Slow loading times – You risk losing visitors if your site takes a long time to load. Especially on mobile devices.

All these things can make you lose a prospective client, more specifically, a potential case.


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