Plan & Process of Ranking Higher on Google

Plan & Process of Ranking Higher on Google

Rank higher on Google by following the 4 simple steps:

  • The Process of Ranking Higher on Google
  • Content Analysis and On-Page Optimization
  • Building Links – Building Authority To Your Website
  • Consulting & Reporting Partnership

Strategy & Process

Search Engine Optimization is easy for attorneys. It would be best to show that your law firm is a pioneer in the law firm sector. You achieve so by creating high-quality content and promoting your website with links using just ethical strategies.


Strategy: Relevancy and Authority

Google defines the quality of your content and the legitimacy of your backlinks, particularly in search rankings. Additional ranking signals are also available to assess such rankings as social, interaction, field, and page-level, but both Relevance and Authority are critical. We aim to achieve high quality, in-depth content on your site, and develop credibility through high-quality backlinks (and usability). Relevance makes the web pages essential to the keyword phrases a potential client may use to scan for and find your firm. Authority may provide backlinks from another website to your site, or in essence, a reputation and appropriate endorsement.

Besides, to remain competitive, you need to create a more substantial web presence for your law practice. Our Internet marketing plans often include making a partnership to expand your law firm. You will thrive on a long-term basis by following our recommendations and investing in new content, connections, and updates.


The Process

To achieve top rankings, the following information defines our validated four-stage process:

  1. Keyword Targeting (Strategy) – Every SEO campaign is based on creating a hyper-focused keyword sentence list for your campaign. You perform this work based on an analysis and searches by your rivals for successful keywords. If you work with us, our team presents our analysis keyword and irrelevant rounds; you finalize precisely what you want.
  2. Content Analysis and On-Page Optimization (relevance) – To make the website show you who you are, you need to prove it to valuable users and search engines through your content. A full marketing campaign can demonstrate your importance with core content and monthly content.
  3. Link Building (Authority) – This central part of the process is when you get backlinks of quality and not quantity (an incoming connection from another website to your website). In the eyes of search engines these industry-specific approvals count as ‘votes,’ and the higher, the better.
  4. Monitoring – You need to review your traffic report from Google Analytics every month. These findings indicate how the initiative has progressed.


Content Analysis and On-Page Optimization

Everything about your content is essential. In search marketing, you need the right website material to promote, rate, and push your campaign. Single, useful knowledge and informative content drive traffic, as read, answered, and shared by people. Here are some tips for marketing content:

  • Structure Pages – Make sure web pages are organized and that a content plan is created.
  • Content Inspection – you inspect the contents of the web in this process. To comply with the new search engine standards established by the various search engines, you review the existing content. Besides, you complete a market study to see what your rivals do not want. At this stage, you will outline and propose new pages and useful new material (or the amplification of current content) that especially demonstrate that your law firm is the leading resource in your target market. After you have planned all-new content to give your website a competitive edge, you can move on to optimizing your pages.
  • Optimization on-page – Optimizing the content involves editing and amplifying the keywords of promotions in the material. It defines how vital your website is to the keywords you seek because a keyword will be allocated to each page. You must arrange the layout of your website to be searchable. Optimization on the website contains the following, but is not limited to:
  • Tags – Create unique and structured tags and meta descriptions of titles.
  • Submit Sitemaps – Submit Sitemaps (both functionally and superficially), and the search engines are correctly indexed on all pages on your website.
  • Technical compliance – Ensure that technological aspects are usability (web design) compliant, including spam inspections, redirections to domains, software changes, web, and content development.

It is also essential to add content periodically. Blogs receive 75 percent more website traffic. Most of our SEO plans provide turnkey monthly blogging services from creation to publishing. Our blog posts are tailored and adjusted to your area of practice and to your target market.


Building Links – Building Authority To Your Website

Simply put: you are no longer building links; you are building an overall authority. In the past, easy and straightforward links were all it needed to lead the website authority. Those days are gone. A good backlink profile now demands multi-faceted and more complex analysis, history, and time for completing and maturing than simple link building. If you create fewer links a month, the quality of your links is far higher.

The authority is dependent on the backlink quality of your web. While direct interconnections remain part of the equation, such interconnections no longer have exclusive control. Developing a backlink profile for 2020 and beyond must be comprehensive and reliable, and not just a primary link, whatever leads back to your website. It’s not quantity; it’s consistency. A quality backlink implies that your profession or business is regular (not forced) and makes sense. Also, a different backlink profile is more critical than not: many backlinks from various sources or domains are of a more significant benefit than a multitude from the same location.

Based on your SEO level and participation, your backlink profiles can be advanced (but not restricted to):

  • Plan and execution
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Research new links
  • Social Media, Google Listing, YouTube
  • Online reviews
  • Star Ratings (with reviews once established)
  • Basics
  • The links you define (Law, Industry, Associations, etc.).
  • The Local Listings (first top listings)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • General links (generic business/personnel profiles; continuous quotes)
  • Paid Listings
  • Submissions of Article (, Quora, forum, etc).
  • Intermediate
  • The social activism of the city
  • The presence of Social Post / Networking / Engagement / Bolstering
  • Opportunities for Scholarships
  • Advanced / Small Business Ties
  • Mention of Brands
  • Towards Guest Blogging / Referral Blogs
  • Responding to Article Pitches
  • See HARO / Media mentions


Consulting & Reporting Partnership

If you decide to employ an SEO service, plan a partnership. Attorneys who visit us frequently and work on our ideas rank higher. Although we handle most of the work, we will need your input on the material, connection building, and support with feedback. 

On the second or the third week of the month, we will need to meet with you as part of an ongoing meeting to pitch ideas and obtain your permission to proceed. The key aim is to get a good return on your investment – converting this increased traffic into clients. By transforming contact forms and mobile tapping, we help monitor the transfer and “close the loop” on what we want to show a return to a new client.

We work on each of the above topics monthly as part of our consultancy partnership. The research should vary according to the campaign’s goals and outcomes. In a few months, we will review more, and in others, we will refine or write content on the website. Examples of our activities include:

  • Consulting
  • Set monthly meetings for review of the website and strategic discussion
  • Report on our monthly results
  • Research Research
  • Developments in the research industry with the business and its priorities
  • Help the business decide what is best and not what to do
  • Review of content and writing
  • Apply a critical content plan to boost the website’s contextual relevance
  • Assess policy and ongoing blogging frequency
  • Guidance on optimization on the web for title tags and meta details
  • Content editing and writing, as needed
  • Analytics
  • Check the traffic on your website
  • Highlight popular content for the target audience on your website
  • Provide feedback on traffic patterns to decide where your users visit your website
  • Compare your total traffic, bounce rate, and visitor activity and compare it
  • Associations/Directories
  • Check the business and the solicitor accounts to ensure that they have an A+ rating profile with legal directories and quotations. These include, but are not restricted to, Avvo,, Findlaw, Best Lawyers, Findlaw, Justia, others.
  • A list of the top 100 + websites and local references that can enhance your authority
  • Citations of Firms 
  • Continual analysis of the client’s backlink profile to ensure that the company still maintains good quality ties.
  • Check for and delete bad and broken backlinks
  • Social media
  • Make sure the company is founded, branded, and active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Ensure that all social media accounts are accurate and the business is dedicated to its public
  • Professional Consultation
  • Defining the Markup code of the Scheme on websites (helping search engines to promote the content and boost search results presentation)
  • Continuous website health monitoring via Google Webmaster Tools
  • Continuous internal review on the broken connection



This blog has been prepared based on interviewing hundreds of lawyers and listening to the clients/law firms that we served. 

We can help you overcome all the digital marketing obstacles you’re facing and help you develop the perfect website to rank higher on google search results, which will eventually generate more leads. Discover more about developing the perfect website by simply emailing us. 

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