Update on New Google Algorithm

Update on New Google Algorithm

Update on New Google Algorithm

In June 2019, Google published a core update that led to significant losses in campaigns that had direct problems with their Panda algorithm update. Google has consistently advised every campaign to compose the best possible material, concentrating on high-quality content over quantity. Google’s update to Panda in 2011 warned of bad content, and the update in June 2019 was effectively a forcible test for the consistency of a campaign. Google has consistently reiterated that if your campaign was affected, “nothing can be fixed.” This could be an awkward way of suggesting that there is nothing to change, and when it is bad, it remains wrong to tweak, edit, or modify bad content. The best way to do this is to thoroughly analyze your content about your competition and criticize your content’s consistency vs. the competition’s online content. Who is the market leader in the eyes of Google’s users and algorithms?


FAQ Structured Data/Rich Snippets

Google has released an update to include FAQ Structured Data in search results while keeping an eye on the most current technological SEO. As illustrated in other community publications, this update has advantages and disadvantages:

  • PROS: The markup will increase the SERP FAQ list to reveal more and look as follows: https:/ww.screencast.com/t/Z5loRRat7a PROS:
  • CONS: Some websites say that they saw a decrease in traffic after this implementation if the user’s question was addressed directly in the search engines. Yet others said that they saw a profit:
  • https:/www.distilled.net/resources/faq-schema/ (…”We’ve had amazing results for FAQ-schema websites so far.”)
  • https://moz.com/blog/new-schema-types-to-create-interactive-rich-results

To be enforced or not? The immediate exposure of a rich snippet is an excellent way to show you the importance of your FAQ quote, but is it worth it if users don’t click and change your website?


Speed of the Website

Each campaign should include an ongoing website speed analysis. This is critical because your website’s speed dictates how fast users and search engines access your website. No good is slow websites. In the field of mobile indexing, the pace is an even greater concern.

It is a fallacy that it’s good to go once a website is launched, and the pace is not modified. Various things affect speed. The next time you ask your development team to update your website, consider:

  • Mobile First – is the website configured to be mobile indexed first? How does a smartphone test vs. desktop make your website?
  • Chat and Call Monitoring – just recently logged in for a chat service? It is important to close the loop on raw leads, but it can obstruct a website’s pace. These programs must be carefully added.
  • Picture Sizes: Sending a large picture will affect the speed. Before it goes online, you should compress the file.
  • Quantity of photos – are there many background images brought into your website and weighted from your ranking?
  • Home Page Slider: Is a key slider on your website? Each of these images is typically huge. Studies have shown that most users do not display the first slider; multiple sliding images are likely to be revised.
  • Accolade Pictures: Accolades are perfect for conversion, but each image is great. Work with the development & design team to discover ways to show all these awards innovatively.

There is a continuous need to keep an eye on the pace of your website. If organic search is a problem for your website, it is important to mention the following things when your website is updated.



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