Local Marketing

Target Clients of Law Firms

Law firms have been investing in local marketing campaigns to expand their base of regional clients. Although lawyers continue to advertise in telephone books, magazines, and billboards, their local marketing dollars have been increasingly concentrated on electronic alternatives, which have become more appealing as technological progress has brought Internet connectivity and geolocation services to client’s mobile phones and other computing devices. It has helped search engines and other Internet directory services to provide more efficiently localized results to certain computer users.
Our local marketing services include creating custom content for our clients and adapting the metadata for different locations on a law firm’s website. Besides, we help law firms build profiles for social media platforms, company directories, and directories for lawyers. We also help our clients foster NAP continuity (name, address, and telephone number) across networks. If a law firm is involved in paying local ads, we can provide cost-effective strategies that enable the firm to effectively reach its target audience.
At Ace Legal Marketing, we understand how people are searching for lawyers, what tools they are using, and how they assess the lawyers they find. We use this knowledge to help our clients optimize their sites to reach the audiences, wherever they might be most important.

Optimizing The Content of
Websites for Local Searches

Law firms seeking local clients should design the content of their web site according to their target locations. Having locally designed website content will boost the website’s placement within organic search results. As such, content serves the search engines as a persuasive indication that the law firm is locally oriented; it can also affect rankings in map and directory listings.
Our website optimization services identify locations and search terms that can improve the placement of local search results on your law firm’s website. We also tag your website with a location markup to increase the readability of search engines such as Google and Bing for names, addresses, and telephone numbers (NAP).

Local Directory Listings

In local marketing, search engines and directories play a complementary role. Not only can directories provide a law firm with references, but they can also help with rankings in Google and Bing. Our directory services can optimize your appearance in local directory listings. We can target users of search engine database directories searching for law firms, such as Google, or social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. We can also help customize the listings in company directories, like Yelp and LinkedIn, as well as more directories based on lawyers, like LawQ and Avvo.
We also check your listings and follow up with the directory’s corresponding submission function to ensure that you provide a clear name, address, and phone number for each of your offices. This is especially significant in Google rankings. Listings should also contain, if possible, the URL of your website, which should be put in the correct practice area or group.
Some online directories let you update your listing directly, while others can download data from the major providers of business data. We offer guidance on maintaining and updating contact information, to ease of use through prospective contacts, and to help with rankings in the search results for Google directories.

Client Reviews

Clients often turn to online review websites for details before deciding to avail a service or employ a professional. While client reviews may provide some insight, these reviews may lack context, so the reader can not determine whether a positive or negative review represents a typical experience or is more of an outlier. To give the local clients a complete image, law firms should consider encouraging happy clients to write honest reviews. Managing these testimonials online as well as dealing appropriately with negative reviews, can help law firms improve their reputation online.

Advertising (CPC / PPC)

Advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, and other websites offers an additional opportunity for law firms to reach local clients. As well as targeting clients through location keywords, law firms may also select users based on their location. Our paid advertising services help law firms maximize their advertisement budget only at specific areas by targeting clients.