Legal Advertising

Legal Advertising

Over the last decade, law firm advertising has evolved. Although print display ads continue to be an essential channel to reach a target market, digital and social media advertisements have grown. The most potent legal marketers know that an ad portfolio that takes strategic advantage of multiple channels has a much more significant impact on ROI than only a one-format campaign.
Ace Legal Marketing’s creative, advertising, media, interactive, and marketing experts team combine their skills to assist clients from the beginning of the ad process to the end. We start by developing a detailed plan for messaging, positioning, and design. We then develop ideas that hit the mark and deliver attention-grabbing, cross-platform advertisement campaigns, so the audience receives a compelling message that spurs action – no matter where they are.

PPC for Lawyers & Law Firms

Pay-per-click (PPC) can be a crucial component of marketing activities by a law firm. Ace Legal Marketing’s PPC specialists will help you take full advantage of these digital advertising opportunities – explicitly targeting targeted areas for lawyers with a high return rate.

Effective Law Firm PPC Will
Provide You Results

Should the law firm search for leads following a recall of a big drug, medical device, or consumer product? Achievement of high organic search rankings could take months. On the other hand, the Pay-per-Click (PPC) initiative by Ace Legal Marketing will help you attain immediate results. See a case study where we improved significantly on the PPC numbers of a company when we started managing a campaign that they were running through Google.

You Don’t Have time? We’ve got a solution

Optimization of search engines (SEO) is a crucial long-term strategy. Over time, your law firm can build on it and gain an edge in your competition. However, you need to achieve timely online exposure and drive traffic to your site for certain situations. A professionally handled legal PPC advertising can be a perfect solution, whether you are pursuing local cases of personal injury or global lawsuits of systematic torture.

How PPC Works/Doesn’t Work – For Law Firms

Pay-per-click means bidding keyword phrases relevant to your target market. Your PPC display ad for related content is displayed on websites and with organic search results. You pay for each visitor based on your bid, or “click,” that your website receives through the PPC advertising.
Bidding between law firms for keywords can be highly competitive-and costly. As a result, a poorly conceived or mismanaged paid search campaign could end up costing thousands of wasted dollars for your law firm. However, if done the right way, PPC ads will eventually yield a good return on your investment.

ACE Legal Marketing’s Approach

We will place a team of online marketing experts with Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification and Google AdWords Advanced Search Certification at your firm’s service. They can prepare and execute a timely, cost-effective, and highly successful PPC campaign that meets the objectives of your law firm.

Focus Areas of Ace Legal Marketing’s Team:

  • Self-Led Brand Development

We’ll send you the very questionnaires, tests, and methods used by our strategists to build brands in law firms. Also, one of our Brand Strategists will call you to walk through each item and explain its use in your office. They will share their insights into running a productive brand meeting and how to get the best out of each process to ensure you capture the unique qualities of your law firm.

  • Branding with legitimate brand strategists

The first phase in our brand process is a set of in-depth questions explicitly designed to examine the principles, priorities, and habits of your law firm to help you find out what makes your law firm special. Our Brand Strategist then reviews your responses and interviews key stakeholders in your company to improve your messaging. We then facilitate exercises based on your teams answering these questions with our facilitators on-site or via a video conference (your preference), while evaluating your competitors and defining your ideal target market.
The Brand Strategist produces a personalized Law Firm Brand Platform document from these activities. This paper will serve down the line as a “manual” and a soul check for marketing initiatives. But it is also a fantastic opportunity to discuss your firm’s vision in the future with your existing team members and those joining your team. After reading, the aim is for someone to understand your brand thoroughly.

  • Advanced Brand Strategy

We offer a broader research and discovery process for the law firm looking to overhaul their brand, add new practice areas, or for those firms who want to understand every aspect of how their brand is communicated.
In addition to the questionnaires and tests used in our Law Firm Brand Creation phase, our Brand Strategists can perform interviews with your employees and former clients to obtain feedback from your company’s understanding. Our team will also review the intake process to see how the ideal brand messaging aligns.
After the testing process, our strategists will make suggestions to match potential interactions with the Brand features based on staff and clients’ current experience.

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