How to write a better professional bio in under 20 mins.

How to write a better professional bio in under 20 mins.

A good professional bio is more valuable and easier to create than you think. Whether you’re a lawyer, a financial planner, a contractor, or any type of business owner – you should care about your online profile.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. We’ll break down the reasons why a better professional bio will help you be a better business. We’ve also put together an easy guide with simple actionable steps you can follow today. You’ll feel satisfied knowing that you have a better, more effective professional bio than most of your peers or competition.

Making a good first impression is critical to attracting a new customer.

People choose to hire a professional based on 3 key factors (all of them related to a personal connection). People tend to hire professionals that 1) They like, 2) they trust, and 3) they feel like they know. This is supported specifically by a study of over 200 lawyers (or law firm) websites… where 85% of respondents stated that their most visited pages were their lawyers’ biographies.

An effective bio can make a good impression, build that initial relationship, and give people the information that they actually care about. They want to know about you as a person, first and foremost. This is by far and away one of our favourite tactics (marketing tactics + hacking) for any small business.

There’s no question that a good bio can have a massive impact on your business.

Follow this simple guide to create a better bio today.

1. Write a basic outline

Start from scratch, and use this simple template (courtesy of the good folks at 99u) as a guide. I’ll use myself as an example so it’s super clear for you to follow along. Simply fill in the blanks below to get started.

I’m a ______.

I help ______ {make/build} ______.

When I’m not ______, you can find me ______.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

“I’m the Marketing Coordinator.

I help Ace Legal Marketing make great marketing decisions.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.”

Tip: Stick with a first-person tone, it’s more personal and will connect with people (customers).

2. Mention the work you love

Your customers want to see what you’re passionate about to get a sense of who you are both personally and professionally. For this step just mention the work you love to do, what is it that you really want people to know you love doing.


3. Mention the work you do best

Your customer needs to know what you’re an expert in so they can match up your strengths to their needs. So, add a line about what you’re good at doing for other people.


4. Mention the work you want more of

Telling people what you’d like to do more of is the best way to start attracting those types of customers. Add a line to your bio explaining the type of work you’d like to do more of in the future, or the type of client you want to work with.


5. Mention your experience and expertise

You need to build a level of trust with your customer, they need to know specifically what makes you an expert at what you do. It will help build your credibility and more people will trust you from the start. Don’t be bashful here, but try and pick a couple of things which would set you apart from the crowd.


6. Add contact details

People need to know the best ways to get in touch, but they don’t want to be bombarded with details so pick two ways and add those to your bio.


Tip: If you’re active on social media, maybe you add a link to your Twitter, or maybe you prefer to get phone calls, or maybe you want to drive people to your website. There’s no wrong answer here but pick two; website, phone, email, LinkedIn, or social.

7. Add a touch of personality

Remember, People tend to hire professionals that 1) They like, 2) they trust, and 3) they feel like they know. So add a couple of bits of personal flair to your bio which helps make you more likeable.


“Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a Marketing Coordinator. I help Ace Legal Marketing make great marketing decisions. I love working on small business strategy. I’m best at helping business owners find uncomplicated ways to grow their own businesses. I’m always on the lookout for small businesses who are interested in applying cutting edge tech strategy to their marketing plans. I’ve worked with over 100 small businesses, and have written 50 blog posts on small business marketing. When I’m not helping small businesses get better, you can find me on my couch with my cat watching Seinfeld.


Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you. You can find me at, or you can email me at”

Tip: If “Hey” is too informal, try something else like “Hi there”, and think of hobbies, tastes, favourite movie, pets, kids, or food. Tell someone an interesting place where you lived, or where you like to go on vacation, or how much you like eating fresh pineapple on the beach. Add something personal and weave that into your bio to help people feel like they know you. 


8. Choose a professional photo

First impressions count, and there’s no hiding from a bad picture. Use a recent, professional photograph for your bio. Make sure it’s high resolution so it works for any site or profiles you add your bio too.

Tip: Please (please) avoid vintage yearbook styled photos. Don’t crop yourself out of a group shot or use a grad picture. It’s worth it – invest in great portraits. Also, lose the cheesy backgrounds, chessboard, or the scales of justice. If you need help getting a headshot… Here’s a useful link to find a photographer, or do it yourself.

9. Post and Share your profile

Go ahead and add your new bio to your professional profile on Linkedin, your social channels, or other professional directories. Don’t forget to update your website with your new bio. If you don’t have a website you should read this post explaining why every business needs a website.

Tip: remember to keep it up to date and fresh, make it a habit to revisit your profile each year. You’ll find it refreshing as it almost resets who you are, and who you want to be each year. Like a miniature mission statement for you and your business.

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