How to Grab Clients with Catchy Subject Lines

How to Grab Clients with Catchy Subject Lines

Too often, B2B marketers agonize over the text and graphics of their email campaign, only to slap on a subject line almost as an afterthought. Since the content is often technical, their subject lines get technical too, which might not entice people to read. So how do you grab people with catchy subject lines?


  • Brevity is important. Try hard to keep the subject line to 50 characters or less. Think about those poor mobile users.
  • Pay attention to keywords that are trending with your target audience. It might be the name of regulation or a hot issue like “cyber hacking.”
  • Give a benefit. Make the audience smarter, faster, better.
  • Put the most important words up front—the meat of your subject line can easily drop off the end of your mobile phone inbox.
  • Pique their curiosity. Put in a fact the reader might not know. Try a play on words since everyone loves wit. Tee up what they will learn. There is a reason you see lines that read like this: “5 Ways to Engage Your Board.”
  • Use the word “New.” Sounds simple but it causes people to pause, as they are afraid they are missing something. But make sure the content is truly new.
  • Make it actionable. What should they do after they read the content? Change a corporate policy, call their advisor, or sign up for a seminar, to name a few.
  • Pose a question. A question engages the reader to stop and consider the subject.


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