Design for One Audience

Design for One Audience

How can you show the business that it is a top recruitment prospect? One word: Personalization. Fortunately, this isn’t that hard to do.

The Message for Yourself Content

Colleges and universities continually use customized content as a powerful tool for linking potential students. Personalization extends similarly to the hiring world of the law firm. After all, several recruitment campaigns concentrate on individual prospects. Contents that look personalized are a simple but highly impacting way to enhance this message.

Variable Data Printing Personalization

Variable data printing (VDP) is an easy way to personalize printed material. VDP is a digital printer type that uses the program to allocate information from a tablet or database to a printed item, including on-demand printing.

Originally connected with direct email (where names, addresses, and greetings have been changed), VDP is old. Today, it allows you to modify both text and photos, either for address classes (such as all students at a specific law school) or for individual recipients.

VDP starts with the basic architecture of static elements and variable fields. It changes names and greetings in the easiest way possible, such as creating social invites that welcome each student personally. A more advanced level of VDP switches text and photos for address classes. This could be used to include school-specific profiles and contact details for students working at your company. Finally, complete variability printing will change each address of text and pictures. As the recruiting season progresses, maximum variability helps you build content aimed at each top prospect’s office and practice area.

Why Bother?

Customized content makes people feel unique. Having the name on a well crafted printed piece gives the receiver an emotional response to feeling good about their business. This initial constructive collaboration sets the tone for successful recruitment. As one HOW conference exhibitor put it: “Take care to talk to an audience when submitting a welcome article.”

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