Craft your identity with the new Google My Business features

Craft your identity with the new Google My Business features

Google recently unveiled new features that further strengthen the Google My Business (GMB) platform. Since these features allow a GMB listing to stand out, it is of utmost importance that business owners get to know and make use of them. Here you can find concise descriptions for each one of them.


Google My Business is a free tool for businesses and organizations through which they are able to manage their presence on Google, including both Google Search and Google Maps. Google My Business listings regularly appear in Google search results, along with a map, when users look for local information. Google has announced that they’re rolling out more features on Google My Business. These new features can help businesses make listings as descriptive and unique as possible.

We’d like to share these features with you:

Short names and URLs

This feature for verified businesses allows you to assign a short name and URL to your Google My Business listing to make it easier for customers to find you. Please note that the short name can be 32 characters long. You can remove or edit a custom URL up to 3 times per year. Keep in mind that the short name should be associated with your business name. We recommend including your location for that particular listing. 

Get visual with amazing photos

Google My Business also provides businesses with the opportunity to easily set their preferred cover photo and logo. The businesses that have completed their core information (phone number, website, hours, etc.) will have their logo displayed at the top right-hand side of their profile. Additionally, it will be possible to add photo captions, which let businesses tell the stories behind the pictures. 

Google My Business Marketing Kit

Formerly known as Small Thanks with Google, this feature allows you to easily download and create custom assets for your Google My Business listing. These may include printable stickers, posters, signs, and more items from reviews and highlights on your Business listing.

At Ace Legal Marketing, we can help you with Google My Business and let you know how the tools, products, and services outlined above are useful to your specific business. Contact us today if you are interested in getting help with your Google My Business listing.

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