Corporate Branding

Brand Development & Positioning of a Law Firm

Each law firm sees itself as the best, the most experienced and the most client-centered. So how do you substantially separate yourself from the pack and prove that you are the company of choice for your prospects? The answer to that is branding.
A brand of a law firm is the sum of many parts, including the core values of the firm, its culture, visual aesthetics and the tone and voice of its content. Brands are not engineered. They are an organic outgrowth of the firm’s spirit and serve as a powerful, untold promise to prospects and customers. Ace Legal Marketing uses a rigorous research process to determine the identity of your law firm, identify core competencies, key differentiators, internal culture and expectations of the customer, and establish a robust branding and positioning plan that resonates inside and outside your law firm.

Brand Message Development
of a Law Firm

A brand of a law firm is just as powerful as your ability to articulate it. The challenge is that brands are often different ideas and concepts that don’t easily lend to words and phrases. The content development team at Ace Legal Marketing works with customers to distill complex brand concepts into taglines and message statements.
We aim to match your firm’s core values with original, memorable phrases that resonate profoundly with your target audiences. Valuable assets such as taglines and messaging statements concisely express the firm’s identity and value. They can also serve as the basis for future marketing campaigns, website redesigns, and other large-scale and small-scale marketing efforts.

Logos of Law Firm

If you want your law firm to be iconic, then a memorable visual identity is needed to represent your firm’s brand. Law firm logos are a unique visual asset that can be used omnipresently across your company’s marketing channels to foster greater awareness of the public and brand loyalty. Ace Legal Marketing’s innovative team of brand strategists and designers is collaborating with law firms to capture their ideas and culture in a vibrant image that breaks through today ‘s legal industry ‘s marketing clutter. Our goal is to give you a unique look, which will make your company instantly recognizable among your competitors.

Why ACE Legal Marketing?

At Ace Legal Marketing, we don’t create vacuum branding and design solutions. We help you create communications, designs, and photos reflecting your value proposition by applying a mix of expert research, top design talent, and strategic thinking. As a part of our process, we interview key decision-makers, analyze your competitive positioning, and review your firm’s publicly distributed materials. Using this data, we construct an identity that leaves an impression and conveys your message. We provide:

  • Remarkable creations which influence clients: Your reputation is a compelling visual representation of our talented designers.
  • Unique, Global Identities
  • Clarity and continuity which is essential to a good brand: We will ensure that every part of your brand identity stays on target from your logo to your website, from firm letterhead and business cards to your brochures and advertising.
  • We ease your life: Our process is successful and pain-free. We ‘re doing everything for you.

Letterhead & Business Card Design of a Law Firm

First experiences are all, particularly in the professional services field. Prospects and clients are quick to shape opinions, which is why your branded office stationery and business cards must represent your law firm ‘s quality and culture. By designing business cards and letterheads that capture your brand name’s sophistication and authenticity, Ace Legal Marketing’s team of marketing strategists and designers will help you put your best foot forward. From idea to design to printing, we manage all facets of the manufacturing process, removing the time-consuming task of handling numerous vendors. We will make sure your business cards and letterhead stand out from the stack, from conventional stationery designs to creative layouts.

Guide to the Creation of Law Firm Style

When you want to get the most value out of your brand, quality is important. In order for law firms to truly possess their identities, they need to develop internal guidelines which set the requirements for using brand elements such as law firm logos, color schemes and messaging. Otherwise, if lawyers and employees operate under different parameters, you risk muddling up the overall image of the firm. Jaffe can help you to maintain consistency by developing an extensive style guide for law firms to dictate the implementation of your unique brand elements. We work to understand what separates your brand from the competition, and build easy-to – follow guidelines to ensure that the same brand features are viewed by all your diverse audiences.

Our Branding Process

We have developed three brand development processes for law firms which suits better for your law firm’s budget, goals, and priorities.

Self-Led Brand Development

We’ll send you the very questionnaires, tests, and methods used by our strategists to build brands in law firms. Also, one of our Brand Strategists will call you to walk through each item and explain its use in your office. They will share their insights into running a productive brand meeting and how to get the best out of each process to ensure you capture the unique qualities of your law firm.

Branding with legitimate brand strategists

The first phase in our brand process is a set of in-depth questions explicitly designed to examine the principles, priorities, and habits of your law firm to help you find out what makes your law firm special. Our Brand Strategist then reviews your responses and interviews key stakeholders in your company to improve your messaging. We then facilitate exercises based on your teams answering these questions with our facilitators on-site or via a video conference (your preference), while evaluating your competitors and defining your ideal target market.
The Brand Strategist produces a personalized Law Firm Brand Platform document from these activities. This paper will serve down the line as a “manual” and a soul check for marketing initiatives. But it is also a fantastic opportunity to discuss your firm’s vision in the future with your existing team members and those joining your team. After reading, the aim is for someone to understand your brand thoroughly.

Advanced Brand Strategy

We offer a broader research and discovery process for the law firm looking to overhaul their brand, add new practice areas, or for those firms who want to understand every aspect of how their brand is communicated.
In addition to the questionnaires and tests used in our Law Firm Brand Creation phase, our Brand Strategists can perform interviews with your employees and former clients to obtain feedback from your company’s understanding. Our team will also review the intake process to see how the ideal brand messaging aligns.
After the testing process, our strategists will make suggestions to match potential interactions with the Brand features based on staff and clients’ current experience.

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