About ACE Legal Marketing’s Consultation

Marketing is more than just an advertisement and the creation of websites. A proper marketing strategy can also address large-scale and ongoing issues such as client growth, business strategy, and a brand being set up or developed for your law firm. Even matters relating to staffing and recruitment can have a significant impact on your firm’s management. Ace Legal Marketing will work with you on all of these topics, help you develop an overall plan that will set your company on the path you want to follow and ensure you meet the goals you set for your law firm.
We also offer ongoing consultancy services; we will regularly “Plan” and “Implement” marketing strategy to represent developments of your law firm as per your requirement. It is also essential to track the overall strategy periodically to ensure that your brand remains reliable on the market and that you keep having the best return on your investment.


You either face a plan equipped to the future, or you suffer the complexities of fortune. We can help you develop strategies to meet the challenges ahead and capitalize on any hidden possibilities. Our planning includes:

  • Strategic planning: Being careless about a strategy for a law firm is simple, forgoing long-term planning in favor of day-to-day operations. When there are winning cases and consumers requiring attention, strategic planning may seem a little abstract. Yet making a map isn’t a waste of time when you are navigating a dynamic legal marketplace: it’s an important first step. A solid strategic plan includes a roadmap for concrete resource management, a clear vision of your position on the marketplace, and a strategy for getting where you need to be. No matter how inspired we are to concentrate on strategic planning, the scope and depth of our expertise, combined with our understanding of a partnership’s culture and unique challenges, make us a logical option. Our strategic planning includes: SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Review & Readjustment of Existing Plan, New Strategic Planning and Implementation.
  • Business Plan: A good business plan will lead your law firm through every step of establishing and operating your firm. You will be using your business plan as a blueprint for structuring, managing, and growing your services. It is a way of thinking through your service’s key elements. Business plans can help bring in new clients. People want to be sure they are going to see the impact of your service. Your business plan is the tool you’ll use to convince clients that it’s the smart choice to work with you — or to avail your service.
  • Marketing Plan: Marketing Plan outlines your law firm’s advertising and marketing strategies for the coming years; it contains a marketing situation statement, a summary of target markets and company positioning, and a review of the marketing mix you plan to use to achieve your marketing goals. Your Law Firm needs a marketing plan as it needs a business plan. Our Marketing plan includes: Situation Analysis, Target Audience, Law Firm Goals, Strategies and Tactics, Budget Breakdown.
  • Succession Planning: The power of your law firm lies in its lawyers and its clients. When unprepared for the retirement of a rainmaker, or the transfer of a managing partner, it may feel as if the very foundations are rumbling. The need for succession planning is becoming more acute.
    Most associates are not quite prepared or able to retire at the end of the last decade due to the financial crisis. Some younger partners and lawyers may want a different balance between work and life and may not see succession as an opportunity they want to pursue. Firms need to strike a balance with these employees, particularly if they have a compulsory retirement age.
    Management would need to weigh factors such as pacing, communication, compensation, loopholes in the ranks of attorneys, ability to work beyond retirement, and, most importantly, client needs and desires. A succession plan will help you ease the transition and ensure the business continues to do its best.
    We have designed the following Succession Planning for the Law Firms:
  1. Law Firms Succession Planning Assessment
  2. Assessing Succession Candidates
  3. Client Programs
  4. Lawyer Planning


Strategic & Business plans should be living documents that serve as guidelines for the day-to-day management of customer relations, marketing & organizational activities. Plans need to be implemented within your law firm. Implementation consists of:

  • Business Development: It’s not easy for law firms to recognize and conduct effective business development activities. The success of your company depends primarily on your ability to attract and maintain new customers without unnecessary marketing expenses.
    We at Ace Legal Marketing help lawyers build a company development strategy that works for them.
    The reality is that you can not access and use an simple business development plan to direct your firm towards more successful business performance. Each law firm is different and each market poses different challenges. Postali has helped newly formed firms develop into some of the biggest competitors in major metro markets. We have also helped well-known, existing law firms build strategies to expand their efforts to grow their businesses. This may mean globally expanding or helping to increase their marketing activities to bring in new business that is not dependent on referrals. We will be taking a comprehensive approach to the activities of your business and delivering services that will prepare you for success. The process includes considering the company closely and providing and integrating the following:
  1. Business Consulting
  2. New Business Development
  3. Networking Strategy
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Measurement & Analytics
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Technology Recommendations
  8. Strategic Growth Plans

We Assist New Law Firms and Established Law Firms
Business development is one of the most difficult but also one of the most effective strategies to develop for newly formed law firms. Many new firms lack a solid customer base and need to be aggressive in their attempts to win new clients.
We help new firms come up with a strategy that is both practical and feasible. While you may be hesitant to invest in efforts to grow your law firm without steady cash flow, the fact is you can’t afford not to. You need to invest in smart marketing campaigns to create enough new clients to keep the firm up and to run.
That doesn’t mean business development should stop as soon as your firm operates comfortably. In the legal profession, there is intense rivalry, and firms that do not continually change their approaches lose resources to meet future clients.
Also, established law firms are at risk for the business. This could be a seasoned rainmaker’s retirement or a new company’s competition that spends heavier in online marketing. There is always more space for growth, and even the most well-established law firms can get support from a strategic business plan.

  • Marketing: You know where your Law Firm needs to go, but you don’t know how to get there. You need a road map that will move you past the obstacles of today and drive you into the future. Ace Legal Marketing’s team members are the creative strategy think tank on-call for your firm. Whether you have an urgent task, need day-to-day assistance, or want to beef up your marketing department with external expertise from your law firm, we can help you bring your business to its potential height. We conduct market research from law firms to identify where you stand regarding your top competitors. We set defined targets to divide initiatives into manageable steps that encourage results in the short and long term. We offer implementing services and build metrics that emphasize tangible results, so you can easily benchmark your firm’s ongoing progress. We can also guide bar ethics patchwork rules to help ensure that your collateral complies.

Competitive Analysis & Market Research
When knowledge is power than a law firm that knows its business, its clients and its competitors are unstoppable. Ace Legal Marketing’s team members can help you stay ahead of the ever-changing legal industry by delivering strategic insights and action steps to chart a course for your success. We conduct a variety of market audits and analyze on a regular basis to provide clarity for key business goals for lawyers, including geographic expansion, new service development, customer retention, targeting potential customers and revenue growth.
Throughout this field, our market research services include qualitative and quantitative analysis – to help you understand the opportunities and challenges; consumer research – to gain insight into what motivates turnover and retention; and competitor analysis – to gauge where the competition stands and how to stay ahead.

Brochures for Law Firms and Printing Materials
Print materials will always give your marketing collateral an unrivaled personal quality. For this reason, people have long relied on law firms’ marketing materials like brochures, printed newsletters, invitations and announcements, folders, and fliers to help spread their messages. Ace Legal Marketing’s creative strategists, designers, and copywriters team skilfully develop tactics and ideas that combine the advertised graphics and critical phrases to produce printed deliverables that demand focus. We make sure that your materials stand out and resonate with your recipients.

  • Client Management: Your firm ‘s success lies in the success of the client relationships. Receiving a new mandate from a current client is more straightforward, and much more effective, than from a prospect. We will help you introduce client services and CRM systems that save both time and money.

Key Client Programs
It is said that 80 percent of revenue in most firms comes from 20 percent of customers. These are valuable customers, and the rivals know that. For these vital relationships, not only to maintain but to expand, systematic steps should be taken to institutionalize those relationships. We have deep, and proven, expertise in designing essential client services at the top of companies in the industry. Let’s bring the experience to your business. Services includes:

  1. Client Feedback Program strategy and goals
  2. Client questionnaires to garner insightful content
  3. In-person and/or on-line programs to gain maximum traction
  4. Face-to-face interviews in order to gain in-depth feedback
  5. Analysis of program outcome and strategic recommendations

Client Feedback Programs
Survey after survey reveals that most law firms aren’t consciously seeking input from their clients. That leaves firms in the dark about how clients view their work and relationships. It is a missed opportunity; feedback from clients could be the driving force for sweeping improvements in client service and a rise in wallet share. Taking a look inside the mirror and asking the hard questions is never easy. If your client is not comfortable coming forward with their opinions, it can be harder still. Ace Legal Marketing can work with you to develop and implement a program that works for your firms and clients as well. Services includes:

  1. Key Client Program infrastructure
  2. Client plans to maximize your share of wallet
  3. Development of cross-servicing plans
  4. Preparation for key client and relationship review meetings
  5. Metric analysis driven by relationship objectives

Client Relationship Management
Your clients and connections represent the most valuable assets. It is recognized by successful firms, and innovative frameworks are introduced to nurture their ties.
A Client Relationship Management ( CRM) program can be a game-changer, if you are trying to deliver new services for existing clients, court new prospects, or boost client service. At Ace Legal Marketing, we have the expertise of the law firm not only to grasp the latest technologies but also to the culture of the firm. Lawyers, as we know, are often traditionalists, and can often be careful about both the system and the sharing of information about clients. But there is plenty of technology to offer the legal profession: it can automate many of the boring tasks and increase operational efficiency. We will help the firm develop a CRM program and put the digital future with the team on board.
Services includes:

  1. CRM system training for revenue generation
  2. Current CRM process and software evaluation
  3. CRM Platform needs assessment
  4. Third Party CRM Enterprise system evaluation and implementation

Digital Strategy: Digital marketing uses digital technology focused on the Internet and web, such as personal computers, cell phones, other digital media, and platforms to promote services offered by lawyers or law firms. Digital platforms are now increasingly incorporated into marketing plans of most law firms. Most of your clients are now using digital devices instead of visiting physical offices. Digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent for law firms by using the combinations of the following:

  1. Search engine optimization ( SEO),
  2. Content marketing,
  3. Marketing influencer,
  4. Campaign marketing,
  5. Social media marketing,
  6. Email marketing,
  7. Display advertising, etc.

What Sets ACE Legal Marketing Apart?

Ace Legal Marketing, an in-house team of highly trained strategists, designers, developers, and supporters. We don’t outsource anything, our team at our office builds all by themselves. We emphasize on professional customer support, using the latest technology that enables quick and efficient project execution, and maintaining the various aspects of the project teams that we manage. So, make the most of getting an expert team providing top-notch digital marketing services to call your own.