Working in sales is difficult; that's pretty similar to work in a law firm as well. But the skills needed
The way lawyers and law firms have historically advertised themselves has often followed a similar strategy: Business cards would be
As we are at the end of 2020, are there lawyers who still don't realize that simply by being a
Among attorneys, there is understandable disagreement about the distinction between sales and marketing. First, lawyers also fail to grasp marketing,
Lawyers and salespeople often come from different educational backgrounds, but what they are selling is the greatest distinction between them:
If you get leads among your target clients but they don't become paying clients, then you have a sales issue,
Many lawyers are uncomfortable with sales, maybe thinking that the marketing staff of the firm will bring in the company
Relax.  In most cases, the rest of the world can view your website.  It is live and showcasing your new
Did you know, every day an average of 353,000 babies are born across the world and according to Apple, 667,000
As in any industry, Internet marketing companies have a tendency to throw around terms and acronyms without explaining them. A
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