Reports and analytics

The work is not finished as soon as the marketing strategy for your legal practice is put in motion. Marketing for startups requires your strategy to be consistent and accurate. It needs to be known whether or not your strategy is worth the expense. Through an analysis, this can be done. We vigilantly monitor how your marketing investment is being utilized, making sure that it is producing results and securing your valuable clients.

Focus on what’s working

Executing your digital marketing campaign in perfection on your first attempt is not common. This is why practice marketing for doctors requires the utilization of data to analyze what areas of your strategy can be improved, and what areas are excelling. If you continue using faulty strategies unknowingly, you will be incurring a loss. We offer the resources to both collect data and use this data to pinpoint what works best. Likewise, we cut out what is proving to be inefficient and bring you the highest return on your investment.

Obtain and analyze

Some questions which arise in your marketing campaign will be who your best clients are, how to reach them, and which channels are most effective in the process. The answers to these questions need to be accurate and up-to-date. Too often, businesses of all kinds fail due to understanding that their marketing strategy is ineffective, but not what part of it. We analyze all your marketing channels side by side.

Heavy-Hitting Analytics

Comparability: We compare the visibility, ease of use, and prospective conversion rates of your various legal marketing channels to determine which ones obtain the most views and results so that your marketing campaign can be more accurate.
Budget calculation: We estimate the results brought through by your
marketing campaign in terms of your budget by using past logged data to
predict future outcomes.
Key Performance : We track various key performance indicators (KPIs) across marketing channels overtime to see the effectiveness of the trend. This provides a quick and accurate method of tracking your marketing campaign’s progression

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need reports and analytics for your business?

Without reports and analytics, your digital marketing campaign could be hit-or-miss and you could be losing a great deal of money without even knowing it.

What are the benefits of these reports?

By studying these reports we can determine which aspects of your campaign work best and allow those aspects to shine. We can determine which aspects are ineffective and perfect them.

Can I conduct my own reports and analytics?

Investing in a reports and analytics team for your legal practice can be an excessive expense. It is financially in your best interest to partner with an expert marketing agency to handle it instead.

How often will I be updated?

We frequently stay in touch with our clients to keep them up to speed with their campaign’s performance to ensure that no time is wasted on the wrong strategy.

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