A Good Reputation is Vital for Law Firms/Lawyers

A Good Reputation is Vital for Law Firms/Lawyers

Having a team of strong brand ambassadors is critical to the success of any organization. So what is reputation management or what we at Ace Legal Marketing like to refer to as a “brand ambassador?” There are a number of keys to developing strong client relationships, but one of the most important is becoming a “trusted advisor.” This is where we can all benefit from honing our reputation management skills.


Psychology Today states that a good reputation is a fragile thing, requiring constant feeding and staying consistent. If you live up to your reputation 99% of the time but fail to do so 1% of the time, you risk causing greater damage to your client and your own organization. A good reputation should be a natural outgrowth of striving to be the person you most want to be. So what are the benefits of developing an excellent business reputation?


Someone that has nourished a good reputation and has become a good brand ambassador will have a network that will come to their defense and perhaps even be recommended without ever knowing it. A good reputation is something that you maintain, an idea that pushes you to aim to be a better brand ambassador. A good brand ambassador allows their reputation to serve as a motivational tool to continually work to grow and improve himself/herself.


A good reputation is a great marketing strategy—so implement it into your plan, rather than thinking about it as a stand-alone tactic or strategy. When organizations find a service provider of any kind whose performance outshines the competition, they become more than a vendor. They become a trusted advisor and are like gold. These individuals and their companies will be used repeatedly and recommended enthusiastically to others. A good reputation and brand ambassador inspires others. Even the best and brightest among us can learn from others.


Listen and learn, you never know where the next great idea will come from.

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