Best Law Firm Photography With 8 Basic Rules

Best Law Firm Photography With 8 Basic Rules

The most important aspect of every law firm’s website is the lawyer’s bio, and the lawyer’s picture is at the center of any lawyer’s bio.

What a potential client sees is up to you. You will see a professional picture conveying your brand and building a sense of confidence, and converting the potential clients into real clients with a single click. Or you could send them scratching back to recheck their search results. Then what makes a decent picture of a lawyer?

Read the 8 basic rules of law firm photography below:


Maintain Professionalism

The first and perhaps most significant tip is to hire a photographer. This may seem like a no-brainer, but how many large companies ignore that tip will confuse you. Hiring a professional photographer is crucial, and one who specializes in professional portraits. Do your homework and look at the photographer’s portfolio to ensure that the look you are looking for.


Everything or Nothing

We see attorneys’ biggest mistakes because they use their lawyers on their bio pages tiny low-resolution images. This is the easiest to correct all the tips on this list and has the greatest impact on your bio page’s overall look. Make sure the photo is prominent and centered on the website. Don’t forget to use images of decent quality that are formatted and sized correctly.


Photoshoot During The Day Light

Any photographer would tell you that lighting is the most important thing to set up a shot. The best gift that an amateur took a picture of is that it’s dark and dreary. Remember that light tells a story, too, and maybe you want another lighting, depending on your brand’s main message. Are you a serious contender? Your authoritative competence could be illustrated by a more dramatic, high contrast look. Are you a team in family law? A natural light outdoor shoot will then be a great way to highlight your welcoming, friendly air.


Photography Angles

The angles produced in a shot tell a story as well as light. Perhaps the contender needs to stand up straight and keep his head up. It would be easier for the family lawyer to take a relaxed posture and smile. All is about showing who you are as a lawyer. During the shooting, consider projecting the person you adopt while meeting new customers. It eventually transforms into movies (or memory card).


Match Your Brand Color

Wear a color palette that compliments the brand of your business. And better yet, collaborate with the other lawyers so that everybody has a similar selection. This makes it consistent and esthetically pleasing to the lawyer landing page. For example, you can all wear dark blue or green suits with white colors if your brand colors are blue and green. Or, if your brand color is bright orange, you can wear a neutral black, white, and gray palette in contrast to light. Both methods create a harmonious appearance.


Consistency is Important

Another huge error is that law firms already have a range of different photographic styles on their website. Each image is taken with a different light, angle, and filter. This makes the whole website unprofessional and messy. Ensure all the pictures are taken in the same light (if the shadow is dramatic, always right, etc.) and at the same size (bust, torso, full-body, etc.). Then make sure they are edited in the same manner. If you have several offices in your country, you can ask your photographer, detail the settings and the equipment used to create a style guide for other photographers to follow.


Rinse Again and Again

Take the last point and pick a photographic theme that can be quickly replicated. For example, if you want to rent a yacht and take pictures on a more sunny day of the year in the middle of the ocean, you might have a problem when a new partner joins mid-December. Although an ambitious photoshoot is a great investment in an evergreen advertising campaign, it’s not that useful for bio images. Keep your photoshoot plans and your ideas succinct.


Is that Genuine, or is it Photoshopped?

Yes, bio images can be edited by a lawyer. Tie crooked? Tie crooked? Simple fix. Easy fix. Pimples? Pimples? Wrinkles? Wrinkles? Shiny face? Shiny face? Anything can be updated in Photoshop. You couldn’t make the modifications, remember we didn’t say. This one should be left to the experts. A skilled graphic designer can assist in editing your photos so that they are free from distracting imperfections and correct colors, masking, and resizing the photo on the Site. Often photographers provide simple photo editing, but it is your duty to ensure their edits align with your web design and brand overall.


And these are all the tips that we have for you. Of course, this is not a complete list of ways to make your lawyer’s pictures perfect, but this tip is certainly a great start. A legal marketing agency will help to ensure that all these tips and more are integrated into your pictures.

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