6 Tips for Successful Brand Naming

6 Tips for Successful Brand Naming

The name of your brand/firm is one of the most daunting tasks a marketer faces. Many people think it’s not too hard to name a law firm or service if you can name a pet. However, there are a lot of pitfalls.

Here are six tips for facilitating the operation:

Start with a brainstorming session that flows free. Invite 4-5 of your most innovative colleagues and at least one stakeholder in your left mind. Everyone has a part to play. Start the session with a quick overview of your brand strategy and your competition. How do you deliver otherwise? How do consumers understand their experiences with your enterprise? Create any name, expression, or phrase that could capture your brand’s aspect. Consider the differences in Latin or Greek. It’s all fair game. Sometimes the best name or at least the right direction comes from the wild and quirky ideas. Enter the list of 20 choices.


Research the contest again with your list in mind. Start abolishing the list. If all the names of competitors are descriptive, move on to more emotional names. Make sure the name is not at all identical if any rivals are regarded negatively. Look for holes in the thought of rivals that can distance your name from theirs.


Group and change the list. Having slept and researched the contest, revisited and narrowed down. Ensure that your vision and name work in the long run. In a year or two, you don’t want to outgrow a tag. Check the availability of domain names and drop names without close alternatives.


Check the final list for a knockout trademark. Employ a law firm to do this search to mitigate the risk of legal surprises along the way. CEOs do not want marketing investments that are derailed by letters of “continue and desist.” Law firms specialized in marking provide fair fixed rates, speedy answers, and plain English danger descriptions. Don’t join any single name before this step is taken.


Develop a mockup brand. Select the top 2-3 names and build some simple mockups based on your legal records – the logo, product design, icon, or advertising. How does it look like the name? How’s it sounding? Is it sufficiently simple to say? How does the name look at the names of the competitors?


Test your names. No, not just with your wife and not with your customers who know you already. If you can’t afford a genuine market analysis report, depend on your network and speak to a certain audience.


Make sure that your brand name story is written behind the name. This is as important for your internal audiences as external buyers. And note, it takes some thinking and more than a day to develop great brand naming.

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