5 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Your Law Firm

5 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Your Law Firm

Guest blogging is a proven way to help your law firm gain brand exposure, boost SEO rankings, and increase your online authority. Chances are, you have knowledge, ideas, and information that website readers will find valuable. Sharing what you know helps to build trust and promote your brand.


Hundreds of media outlets, blogs, and websites accept guest posts from attorneys on a wide range of topics. Below are five reasons to incorporate guest blogging into your content marketing strategy.

Why Guest Blog?

1. Online Authority

Publishing well-researched articles on authoritative websites will help you establish yourself as a valuable resource who is knowledgeable in your niche. Guest posting can not only help build credibility, trust, and respect with your target audience, but it can also help you become the go-to expert in your area of law and expand your portfolio of work online, which can boost your resume and refine your writing skills.

2. Backlinks

Linking back to your website from your guest post is an effective, no-cost way to funnel new readers to your site and increase organic traffic. Since Google’s algorithm takes into account the number of backlinks to a site and the quality of those links, the more high quality backlinks you have, the more likely the page will rise in search rankings. Domains are ranked from 1 to 100 and measure how well a site is likely to perform in search engine results. Contributing a guest post to sites with a Domain Ranking of 50 or more can help increase referral traffic. 

3. Brand Exposure

Guest blogging is a powerful way to get your law firm name in front of new audiences (and potential new clients). Well-written, memorable posts help readers trust your brand, making them more likely to visit your site and enlist your services. When choosing sites to contribute to, consider what sites your target audience visits and the type of content they consume. Experts believe it takes at least five impressions for people to remember your brand, so frequent guest posting can boost your brand exposure and make a lasting impact.

4. Relationships

Guest blogging is an effective way to build relationships with others, including potential clients and peers. You may form relationships with new bloggers, connect with influencers in your space, and find reciprocal blogging opportunities (where you post on someone’s blog, and they post on yours). A well-written post, or series of posts, can also open doors to other opportunities such as speaking engagements, new partnerships, and cross-promotion opportunities. 

5. Social Media

Guest blogging can also help law firms grow their social media following. Broadcasting your post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts often translates directly into new followers and encourages engagement on the topic. Including relevant hashtags in your social media posts can help users find your post.

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