5 Tips for a Perfect Legal Profession Sales Pitch

5 Tips for a Perfect Legal Profession Sales Pitch

Five things I found very effective in my 6 years of pitching prospective clients are:

1. Listen First

If you don’t listen to what the client wants, your plan will be discontinued. Find the real problem and then suggest a solution to the problem.

2. Talk in a Clear, Professional Language.

It would help if you had to impress the prospects with your expertise. This expertise often includes business or legal jargon. However, if the clients don’t understand you, you will lose their interest. Try to make analogies to something the client can relate to. I always use several housing analogies since most people have constructed, purchased, or lived in a house.

3. Be Attentive, Responsive, and Fast or Quick Proposals are a MUST.

You must be responsive. The sooner the response, the better. I call back clients who contact us in about 2 minutes. They’re still on our website occasionally. Call back to all calls on the same day. On the same day, we submit proposals because we have a mechanism for submitting personalized proposals easily. If you don’t have a structured proposal that you can personalize, get it right away.

4. Answer All Questions.

Your service must be recognized. Don’t bother pitching someone unless you know more about your firm and the specialty field. Be prepared for most questions. If a client has a particular question that you can’t answer, say, “I’ll send you a response to this.”

5. Try To Impress Impress At Least Once

Build a moment of a star that you will recall. It can be your workplace, your amazing website, your overall presentation, your plan to solve a problem, or just you. Make sure that you are unforgettable. The worst thing is if you follow up on a proposal and you can’t recall anything.


All can improve in Sales. If you can recall just one of the above tips, listen to your clients’ needs, and solve their problems. Leave a message if you have any sales tips.

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