5 Content Ideas Ideal For Any Law Firm

5 Content Ideas Ideal For Any Law Firm

If you have considered implementing your law firm’s content marketing plan, I have a list that might be very useful to you – a list of the most acceptable content forms for lawyers.


Before I show you the useful list, I need to explain a few things.


Why should your firm create engaging content in the first place?

To understand the role of content in today’s leading generation process, we must first look at how clients hire legal professionals and how they choose a law firm today.


In the past, people seeking legal advice most probably would look for referrals or open the yellow pages to check for lawyers located near to his/her area. So the location and the prestige of the organization dictated their decision.


But today, clients have more choices.


They normally start the hiring process by carrying out comprehensive online research, finding suggestions, scouting sites, social media, and many other outlets. They ultimately appoint, investigate, recruit a firm, and once they are done taking the service, they post reviews online.


Besides, certain aspects of this method influence each other, which means that clients browse through the website to determine whether to hire or not.


For lead generation, you must have to be present in all the stages of the hiring process that the clients follow.


Content Marketing

You will see that publishing relevant content provides you with an opportunity to enter and interact with perspectives at any point of the client’s journey.


For example, you can target clients at the start of the hiring cycle by answering simple questions about your audience’s issue. With guidance to help you understand the available options, you will draw clients who are already considering hiring a lawyer. And finally, by presenting evidence that your firm is the right option for your specific issue, persuade them to contact and become clients.


If you are wondering what content you need to publish, you can start with the following:


Blog Posts

The posting of blog posts helps draw people at the beginning of the hiring ride.


You can publish guides, postings, responses, or clarifications for unique legal complications and detailed articles, helping users learn about their symptoms.


Each article should discuss a specific problem and show your knowledge without any sales pitches.


This is important, especially the last aspect of blogging. Blog posts are perfect for approaching users who have not yet understood their issues entirely and are not ready to start testing prospective law firms.


You would probably distrust them if you tried to persuade them to employ. You should then use blog posts instead of the sale to offer helpful tips and put your business as a local authority.



Checklists, for most people, is a perfect tool for efficiency. People worldwide use them in planning and prioritizing activities and, in principle, getting things done.


Yet checklists are also one of the most powerful forms of content for the achievement of particular objectives.


You need to make sure new clients have everything they need to move their case forward by making a checklist.


In exchange for some simple personal information ( i.e., name and email address), you can also use the checklist to build new leads by offering it as a lead magnet.



Were you aware that most clients tend to find their own answers to their questions?


The company behind popular customer support tools, ZenDesk’s study, shows that 75 percent of customers see “self-service a simple way to deal with customer service problems.”


Moreover, 67 percent of customers prefer to use a FAQ on the web instead of talking to a company representative, according to the same report.


Thus, you allow clients and prospects to figure out solutions to their own questions by publishing a detailed FAQ section on the website. One thing about a FAQ section should be noted, that it must be preserved. Believe me; there can be nothing worse for a law firm than a FAQ segment with obsolete knowledge based on a few old rules.


Case Studies

A case study illustrates how your firm has helped a client solve their dilemma. A successful case study should illustrate the issue with which your client came and describe the method you used to assist them in describing their performance.


Of course, there would be certain sensitive details because of the existence of the legal niche, which you can’t disclose in a case study. However, at least explain the process and offer a satisfied client feedback.


Videos to clarify

Video is now the most desirable form of content.


While most people don’t expect to watch a video on a legal website right now, I agree that lawyers will have to leave their shells and adopt more social interaction in the next year.


And this will allow you to create explanatory videos.


Explanatory videos are short clips that aim, as the name suggests, to familiarize your client with your firm, illustrate how it operates and what makes it different in the legal sector.


Explainer videos work because they can draw visitors quickly and illustrate the advantages of leasing business in less than a minute or two.



This blog has been prepared based on interviewing over hundreds of lawyers and listening to the clients/law firms that we served. We have assisted over hundreds of lawyers and developed customized contents as per their requirement. 


Feel free to email any queries to your digital marketing needs and we will answer it for free. Our email address: info@acelegalmarketing.com and website: www.acelegalmarketing.com


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