In addition to word of mouth referrals, a website is your law firm’s greatest lead generating channel. In order to track the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, you’ll need to make sure that the desired actions you wish users to take on your website are always monitored and reported in Google Analytics. These desired actions are typically referred to as “conversions” in the digital marketing world.

Here are 3 conversion points that every law firm website should be implementing and tracking:

Live Chat

Every law firm website should have a live chat provider. These live chats are either fielded in-house or by a third party customer support center who have been trained to answer basic questions but then take down user’s information in the event, there are specific legal questions that the support agent cannot answer. These live chat inquiries are considered soft leads – and can be reported on in Google Analytics. Having live chat on your website gives users (especially mobile users) an additional medium to communicate with you that is very convenient as well as instant.


Form Submissions

You should have a contact us form on at least every page of your website – and preferably in an area above the eye fold – especially on desktop and tablet devices. We see that websites that have contact forms in the header image space on the right-hand side have increased form submissions given the prominence of where the form is placed along with the convenient access to it. Form submissions too can be tacked in Google Analytics and should be considered leads.


Phone Calls

Using a call tracking provider can give you great insights with regard to the volume of calls that are coming into your website. We recommend implementing a third-party call tracking provider – and then linking up the call tracking with your Google Analytics to give you a holistic view of the source of each call. This is also great because, in addition to the medium source of the call,  you can also drill down what campaigns or ads drove the phone calls.

A good marketer would ensure that these three conversion points are continually trending month over month. If these trends are stagnant or decreasing – it’s time to switch marketing providers.

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