10 Tips & Tricks of WordPress

10 Tips & Tricks of WordPress

Options for Screen on WordPress

If you look around a WordPress page and wonder why there is not a certain area, it may be because the area is not chosen to be shown on your computer. To search, click on the “Screen Options” box in the top right corner of WordPress, and a box displays a selection list. If a certain area you want to display is not checked, go ahead and check it.

Visibility of the search engine

When you first develop or create a site with WordPress, check the “Discourage Search Engine from Indexing This Site” box for good practice. Google and other search engines will be asked not to index your website. To see your new WordPress settings, go to Settings -> Read and see if the box has been checked. If you want to index the web for Google or other Search Engines, please uncheck the box.

Fast Edit

Sometimes you can make a fast change on a page (date, time, author, etc.). Instead of going to the actual tab, you can float across the title and press “Quick Edit.” Just make your changes, press submit, and you’re good to go.

Edit Several Pages At Once

You can have to change more than a page at a time in an instance (not make a “quick edit”). In this situation, you can save a lot of time with this little trick. To edit several pages at a time, please check all the pages you want to edit (with the aid of a click on the “title box” and a list of all pages if you need to pick which pages or to edit all pages). Click the ‘apply button below, and the box will display options for deleting any pages that you do not want to edit, changing the author, page status, etc.

Permalinks Reset

In case one of your pages is broken, or you have changed the name of the “slug” or “link,” the problem of your broken page can be solved by resetting your permalinks. Pages can be split in different ways (plugin updates, WordPress updates, etc.). Only go to Settings -> Permalinks and click on Save Changes” to reset your permalinks. Nothing else has to be checked or clicked.

Export to Another Site

Do you need to import your blog to another site or update to a new topic? You can export your WordPress site via the Tools -> Export section. You can pick what you want to export there. You can pick what you want to move here, whether it is all your material or just your blog.

Remove your Trash

If you add a page with the same name as the one you used or deleted in the past, check that your trash is permanently removed. If you do not delete permanently, then at the end of your URL, you will end up with a “-2.” To search, go to the trash and make sure that every page you create with the same name is “deleted permanently.”


In case your homepage is not marked as “Home” or “Homepage,” and you are uncertain about which page you use, browse the Settings -> Reading page. You can also easily change which page you want to use by choosing a new page.


Just like in Microsoft Word, when using Shift + Enter, the text will fall directly under the current text in the WordPress text editor instead of adding a space (if you were to press enter).

Send or Share an Image

If you wish to send the full-size or original image you have uploaded, you can send a connection containing the picture on your WordPress website. For this reason, go to Media -> find your picture in your library -> pick the URL.


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