10 Best Website Integrations for Lawyers & Law Firms

10 Best Website Integrations for Lawyers & Law Firms

A website integration links the website to another website or web service. This can be as easy as linking to one of your social media accounts or as complex as incorporating a full API (Application Programming Interface) to show the latest 5-star client ratings on your own platform.

A handful of companies appeared on today’s internet to offer best-in-class web services. Some are so famous that their name is synonymous with their service. A prime example; search for something or “Google” it? With website integration, you can take a little piece of a company’s technology and just as powerfully update a little piece of their brand recognition with it. Add features and instant reputation.

In this article, we’ll highlight, in no particular order, the 10 best websites for lawyers. We’ll clarify how to support your legal company and how to incorporate it on your website.


Google Analytics for Websites

What’s Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the Internet’s most used analytics service. It monitors traffic on your website, providing comprehensive usage reports.

How can Google Analytics support my Law Firm?

Google Analytics lets you learn about your current and future customers before they ever contact you. Understanding how visitors communicate with your website helps you assess its efficacy and make educated decisions to better attract your ideal clients.

How do I incorporate my Google Analytics into a website?

Google Analytics is easy to set up on your website. Setting up a free Analytics account and applying a JavaScript monitoring code to all your website sites. Every Ace Legal Marketing website launches and runs Google Analytics monitoring.

Why We Love The Integration

Google Analytics ‘best aspect is seeing the site visitors’ trendline rise over time. Our customers use this to show that our smart SEO approach works. There’s nothing more exciting about marketing the practice than having a positive trendline!


Google Review

What’s Google Review?

Google Reviews is a feature Google helps users to write a business public review. These ratings, along with an average score of 5, are seen on Google Search results, Google Maps, and other Google services.

How do Google Reviews Support My Law Firm?

Google Reviews is one of the most critical resources to build and preserve your credibility online. They are the basis on which many prospective customers shape their initial views of your company, and they may very well be the determining factor in choosing you over your peers.

Asking your customers to write a Google Review is fast and simple, and reacting to these reviews yourself shows that you appreciate your customers’ input and are engaged in your online credibility.

How can I Incorporate My Website with Google Reviews?

When writing this post, adding Google Reviews to your website is a complex integration. Google has no ready-made widgets to embed feedback, so developers must use the Google My Company API or Google Places API to create custom integration solutions. On Ace Legal Marketing websites, we have built a custom solution that will allow you to leverage the power of Google Reviews and start building your online credibility today.

Why Do We Love Integration?

Lawyer reviews are impactful, generally marked by relaxation, elation, and appreciation. We love how simple our integration with Google Reviews allows lawyers to make sure they never skip sharing valuable testimonials where it matters most: on their website.


Facebook for Lawyer’s Websites

What’s Facebook like?

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network website. It is an online community of over 2.4 billion users and over 140 million businesses that connect through exchanging information, feedback, and opinions.

How does Facebook support My Law Firm?

With over 2 billion people, your ideal prospective clients are likely to be on Facebook, and getting a Facebook profile for your firm places you in that culture. It helps people to communicate with your firm and builds lifelong relationships. Facebook also lets you run targeted Facebook ads to help you and your customers find each other.

How do I Incorporate Facebook with Websites?

Facebook provides many integration solutions to add Facebook’s power to your website. Integration is as simple as connecting your website to your business’ Facebook page or adding a “post” button to make it easier for visitors to share content on Facebook.

The Facebook pixel, a JavaScript tracking code that works hand-in-hand with Facebook ads, helps you calculate and refine your ad campaigns.

Why Do We Love Integration?

Many of our clients had great success with Facebook Advertising, so we’re always happy to set up the Facebook pixel on request. This can be a good channel for personal injury, employment law, and family legal services.


LinkedIn for Law Firms & Lawyers

What’s LinkedIn About?

The world’s largest technical, social network, LinkedIn. It’s an online network of over 600 million members in over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn works to link professionals worldwide to make them more active and effective.

How can LinkedIn support My Law Firm?

For many years, LinkedIn has been the lawyers’ most-used social network. Being a technical, social network, its members are there for business activities. This includes reading relevant business news, showcasing job experiences, creating reputations, and communicating with customers and prospective customers. Building a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn will help develop you as a trustworthy professional community member.

How to Incorporate LinkedIn on My Website?

LinkedIn is also simply a shortcut to your LinkedIn profile from your website. This makes finding your LinkedIn profile simple for tourists and seeing that you’re involved in that network. LinkedIn also provides an easy-to-add plugin to add a “post” button to your website, making it easy for visitors to share content on LinkedIn.

Why Do We Love Integration?

Since lawyers also visit each other’s websites, we love including a link to a personal LinkedIn page when we can. Our customers never miss any networking opportunities and can form relationships with other lawyers for mutual gain right from their website.


Directory Websites for Lawyers

What’s Avvo?

Avvo is a leading legal marketplace online. It features 97 percent of all U.S. lawyers that consist of client feedback, disciplinary decisions, peer endorsements, and user-provided legal queries.

How can Avvo Support my Law Firm?

Avvo aims to assist clients by suggesting the right attorney for them and, as an attorney, must attract the ideal clients for your practice, so being an active member of the Avvo community will help you connect with them. Additionally, if you haven’t already taken over your Avvo profile, there’s a fair chance it already exists, and you’re waiting to claim and exploit it.

Responding to legal questions posted on the Avvo website or sharing legal guides on topics specific to your niche practice areas will help differentiate you as a helpful voice and expert in your profession.

How to incorporate Avvo with my website?

Avvo provides a range of integrations quickly applied to the website. The most famous of these is Avvo badges that highlight your Avvo accomplishments and direct visitors to your Avvo profile. Avvo awards badges for high scores, customer preference, and top contributor.

Avvo also provides integrations to integrate your Avvo Answers or Avvo Legal Guides into your website. Avvo also provides an API enabling developers to create advanced custom integrations to add Avvo content to your website.

Why We Love The Integration

The general public commonly knows the Avvo badge, so it’s nice to have on a lawyer’s website. Integration of Avvo Answers is also fantastic because it bridges the difference between a potential customer feeling uncertain about their situation and having enough faith to place the first call.


Lawyer Websites vCard

What’s a vcard?

Virtual Contact File, also known as vcard, is the standard internet file format for exchanging contact information. It’s your business card in a register, ready to be quickly connected to a customer’s cell phone and computer contact lists.

How can a vCard Support my Law Firm?

Providing your customers with a vCard that immediately imports all your contact details into their contact list is an easy action with a major “wow” factor. It’s like some mystery for the technically uninitiated and valued ease for the technically trained. You want your customers to know that working with you would be very valuable for them, and this is a discreet way of giving that impression.

How do I Integrate a vCard?

Integrating a vCard is as easy as uploading and connecting the vCard (.vcf) file with your traditional contact information, such as your email address and phone number.

Most contact management programs like Apple Contacts or Microsoft Outlook can export a vCard file from your contacts, and you can use a free online vCard Creator.

Why We Love The Integration

VCards remain a classic staple for law firms, particularly commercial law firms, where networking is important. We like the ease with which our customers share important contact details on request.


MailChimp for Lawyer Websites

What’s MailChimp?

MailChimp is an incredibly popular email marketing service designed to facilitate your company through email campaigns. It also provides you with data analytics and performance reports on your email campaigns, so you can assess what works and what can be improved to ensure your message has the best possible effect.

How can MailChimp support my Firm?

Having an audience, keeping them engaged is critical. An email newsletter — even an unusual one — can keep your customers updated about your practice’s trajectory and your successes and skill areas. Maybe your clients will learn that you’re providing a service they didn’t know you’re providing and will either need that service themselves or know someone whose reputation is quite good in your clients’ minds will help repeat business referrals.

How to incorporate MailChimp with my website?

The most common way to incorporate MailChimp into your website is to add a newsletter signup form to subscribe to your mailing list. MailChimp has easy-to-use software to build signup and insert code. They also give GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) activated forms to ensure you gather consent for your signups.

Why Do We Love Integration?

MailChimp is a perfect strategy for company lawyers who are involved in constantly attracting clients. By consistently exchanging helpful or interesting news items, prospective clients will start understanding outside the general counsel’s importance.


Calendly for Lawyer & Law Firm Website

What’s Calendly?

Calendly is a scheduling software service allowing clients to schedule a meeting in their availability calendar. It helps you track and control your availability to set buffer times between meetings, avoid last-minute meetings, and make sure you’re never booked twice.

How can Calendly help my Firm?

You’re busy, and monitoring your schedule takes a lot of time and effort. With Calendly, you can stop emails and phone calls that can turn to arrange a simple meeting into a full-day distraction. With more time to reflect on critical market aspects, you’ll have a better road to growth and prosperity. Furthermore, your customers will appreciate the streamlined approach. Your prospective customers, seeing how easy it is to schedule an initial appointment with you, will prefer you over your peers for this simple convenience.

How do I add Calendly to my website?

The calendar offers fast and simple code snippets that allow your visitors to schedule an appointment with you directly on the website.

Why Do We Love Integration?

We know most lawyers are busy. Integrating an application into your website to arrange appointments into appropriate time slots makes it simpler for both client and attorney. We use Calendly to handle appointments, and we still suggest it.


Intercom for Lawyer & Law Firm Website

What is “Intercom?”

Intercom is a consumer communications network. It adds real-time chat to your website, helping you to create deeper customer relationships faster.

How can Intercom Support My legal business?

Being able to engage a potential customer on your website immediately will give you an advantage over peers who only use conventional lead generation approaches such as email and communication forms. Intercom will help you easily qualify leads using live chat and automated responses, resulting in a more modern and productive attraction to your ideal clients.

How Do I Incorporate IT into My Website?

After signing up for an Intercom account, a JavaScript code snippet will add Intercom’s Messenger features to your website. If the snippet is added, you’re able to talk in real-time with your website guests. It’s swift! Intercom provides a range of tutorials on useful subjects, such as turning your website visitors into customers and customizing the Messenger to suit your brand.

Why We Love The Integration?

Potential clients with important legal issues aren’t always able to speak on the phone, particularly if they’re at work or family home. Live chat can be a perfect way for consumers to stay confidential, get the details they need, and even set up an email-free consultation.


LawPay for Lawyers and Law Firms Website

Which is LawPay?

LawPay is an online payment solution for legal payments. You can take credit cards and get paid easily, safely, and follow ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

How can LawPay Support My Law Firm?

LawPay will make the job payable. Smoothly sending payment requests, receiving and monitoring payments, and protecting your IOLTA account saves you a lot of administrative work. You’ll have more time to connect and retain customers and spend the expert work you get paid. Additionally, you’ll appreciate having a safe and convenient online payment option.

How to integrate LawPay into my website?

Incorporate LawPay into your website by inserting a safe link to your custom payment page. LawPay hosts your custom payment page and can be customized with your logo and business details.

Why We Love The Integration

Collecting client retainers is a popular problem for many attorneys. This incorporation reduces the average time between the lawyer’s payment request and actually being paid, so it’s no brainer: LawPay is a perfect opportunity to maintain a healthy cash flow.


Innovative agencies offer resources and services to help you handle your law practice more efficiently by concentrating on your practice areas that need your legal knowledge. These agencies share dynamic bits of their technologies that can enrich your website and entertain your guests. Let integrations start!

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